Monthly Archives: April 2009

Enterprise Library Hands on Labs

I like the HOL (Hands on Labs). I really find them useful to introduce or to help delving into technologies or tools. And this time they just released the HOL on something really interesting, at least for me:

HOL Enterprise Library 4.1

HOL Unity App Block 1.2

At least some good stuff instead the last bad news from Microsoft (like the Live Labs closed and so on.. 😦 ).

I found it… again.

I was so sad when I saw that one of my favorites video, the one about Kobe Bryant and the crazy Jackass crew, was removed.

But I found it back, so I decided to download it and save it on my public shared video folder.

So… Enjoy this video.. again. 😉


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Gazelle.. the next IE??

Uhm.. to be honest I don’t think so, but I’d really like it..

But what is it Gazelle? It’s a new project, actually right now is a prototype, about a new way to construct a web browser. Honestly not all so new. I found some things in common with the basic ideas that steer the development of Chrome, and looking at the comment, I’m not the only one thinking like this.

So… Enjoy it.. on Channel 9

Ok.. some back-up post

Something is changing in my life.. at work and not only.

So.. better to back up some nice and useful post until I can still access my (former) blog on MSDN.

First: one of the best collection of resources to study and improve my awareness about all the .Net and Visual Studio world: Visual Studio and .Net resources 

Then I want to keep a link to one interesting project inside Microsoft Research, related to develop and test: PEX, automated whitebox testing download

And last but not least… Architect Center