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A clear picture of the actual situation in Italy…


I don’t know if they did it on purpose. In any case at the picture on the left you can see what I was reading at the home page of one of the biggest Italian newspaper.

This stack of news is really the best summary of my homeland situation now: on a side the cost of life for the normal people is becoming higher, with no particular reason (the fuel price is growing while the oil cost is going down, the service price is becoming every day more expensive despite the fact that the service level is always the same, quite crappy, or going worse) and on the other side the politicians are only concerned about their own problems, talking and talking, arguing with each other without taking care about anything outside the “Palace”.

No comment… Sad smile

New “Cube”: new post, new blog engine, new website version.

My new post on this new blog engine (after Microsoft decided to shutdown Live Spaces), is about a new version of my company website (also if we’re still in beta, that means we’re trying to do something in the spare time).

So, enjoy it!

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SBK at Monza..

Damn.. this is something that I’m really missing.. a crazy day at the “Parco di Monza” watching my favorite stuff with friends:

the Superbike (Supersport and SuperStock) races.

To remember those days when I was there:


And I really was there… when this happened! Amazing.. still remembering it.

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I found it… again.

I was so sad when I saw that one of my favorites video, the one about Kobe Bryant and the crazy Jackass crew, was removed.

But I found it back, so I decided to download it and save it on my public shared video folder.

So… Enjoy this video.. again. 😉


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A man can fly..

Yes.. but only if the man is Kobe Bryant!!

.. and if he has to jump over a pool of snakes!! Totally crazy!!


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Working @ Microsoft..


Not only code, not only schemas, design, meetings and so on.

There are also a lot of good stuff… Like the Friday beer!! I love it!! 😀 😀|_017.jpg

PS: don’t worry. After this, most of us come back home and we don’t produce any other bugs ..ops.. code. 😀

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Never give in..


I think it’s good to draw on the behavior of this rider..


PS: in this case is more funny than serious 😉 😀

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Talking about Bill Gates: Looking Back, Moving Ahead



Bill Gates: Looking Back, Moving Ahead
Bill Gates videos on Microsoft Press Pass

JLinq.. a new feature of the .Net Framework 3.5?


It’s the first thing that I thought as soon as I see that word.. but after that I read better and I see and I found that after a lot of new abbreviation it’s seem that they have finished the fantasy! smile_teeth

This new abbreviation means: JDBC Runtime Generator for Eclipse, and it’s a new project from IBM for writing Java Database Application, inserted in the famous open source application.

But… using another abbreviation was so difficult?? smile_teeth


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Ok, I know..


I’m late (come on.. a little bit) on updating my english blog against the italian one.. I promise: I’ll do soon.. or better.. I’ll do today: all new posts together smile_wink

.. Promise.. may be it’s better to say I hope it! smile_teeth