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Live Mail grows..


I think it’s not so fresh this news, but I don’t use the web interface so many times. And only this morning I seen that my mail grows from the 2Gb to the new 5Gb size.

Here  more information about the new features..

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Avira 64 bit version available: EUREKA!!


  I like this free antivirus. I think it’s one of the best.

I used it on all about my old pc: with XP, with my precedent Vista 32 bit and now on my new 64bit Vista.

I’m so happy that it’s available the new 64 bit version (or better.. the new version with 64 bit support).

Here the article, and here the free download.


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Microsoft vs Sun: end of the war??


I can’t believe that.. I read and read again this article about three time.

Sun will be one of the next Windows Server’s OEM!!!! smile_omg

So will we ses Windows Server running on a Sparc Station or an UltraSpart Server??? Greattttt… Like an old article where you did see a Vista Ultimante runing on a MacBook.. eh eh


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Burn.. free and with source


Looking aorund for some 64 bit software for my pc, under the burning program category I found this: Infrarecord

This is a new FREE program with another feature: it’s open source. So if you’re curious about how a burn program works this is your occasion to understand it better. The source code it’s under Sourceforge


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Hacker @ Microsoft


A new blog site, inside MSDN, was created in Microsoft.

The title it’s about worryingly, but reading better we can see that it’s a new type of blogs for people interested in security and all the things that are behind various technologies.

Here more information.


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JLinq.. a new feature of the .Net Framework 3.5?


It’s the first thing that I thought as soon as I see that word.. but after that I read better and I see and I found that after a lot of new abbreviation it’s seem that they have finished the fantasy! smile_teeth

This new abbreviation means: JDBC Runtime Generator for Eclipse, and it’s a new project from IBM for writing Java Database Application, inserted in the famous open source application.

But… using another abbreviation was so difficult?? smile_teeth


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NServiceBus: Enterprise .Net Services made easy..


Recently they have published the first version of NserviceBus (here for the download). The main task of this open source is to made easy the :Net Enterprise service development.

The best effort on this first release is focused on making the development of asynchronous and publish/subscribe services easier, looking at some disconnected feature, very important in a SOA environment.


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[WCF] “Run as administrator”? No, thanks..


Ok.. Sometimes I did it. Sometimes, especially now that I’m a novice working with WCF, studying all the sample code and trying to develop my first services, I found some problem consuming some resources, and to solve then I gave the administrator’s permission to the service (or the host application).

In this article he explain to us why it’s not so good to do it, and how to configure well our WCF services.

But not only the article is good. I think that all this blog can be useful like WCF’s resource.. smile_wink


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Ok, I know..


I’m late (come on.. a little bit) on updating my english blog against the italian one.. I promise: I’ll do soon.. or better.. I’ll do today: all new posts together smile_wink

.. Promise.. may be it’s better to say I hope it! smile_teeth

WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) and CardSpace Samples


I’m studying this new technologies (mainly WCF), so I think this collection of source code can help me.

I hope it.. and in everycase this is the link


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