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Ops, they did it again (NodeJS in Italy)

Who are “they”? They are the guys from <WEBdeBS> 

What did they do? They set-up the first Italian event about NodeJS, and not only to be honest, but this is another story… so coming back on track I want to talk about the italian NodeJS Conference in Brescia (saturday 24th September 2011).


Ah, ok! Really, cool! But wait… What is NodeJS? In few words, it’s event-driven I/O server-side JavaScript environment based on V8, the Google’s open source Javascript Engine used inside Google Chrome,  but I really don’t think I can introduce NodeJS better than the guys who made and who are running it, so please take a look at the official site: NodeJS

NodeJS, NoSQL, and so on… they are quite the hottest buzzwords at the moment, but with some good reasons behind, and the most important thing is that this was an event “for real”, so an open discussion about how people used, is using and will use these technologies and want to share their experiences with the audience. I liked it, in the same way I did the NoSQLDay some months ago, cause I like the hands-on, practical, direct presentations. Perhaps these presentations are not so sparkling,  shining or whatever like the ones that we’re becoming used to while attending the big technical events (technical? or media events? ), but I feel more comfortable trying to understand how the stuff is actually working “under the hood”, and if it can be useful for me.

So.. How was it? Nice and interesting also if I’m still only playing with NodeJS instead of actually working with it, this event was interesting and quite enlightening. All the sessions was held in English, by good speakers from quite all Europe, who shared their own experiences or projects. And this made me think: is the italian IT market so old-fashioned and so slow on adapting the new technologies? I, sadly, have to say yes. Sad smile

On the other side, thanks to a nice community, and guys like <WEBdeBS>’ crew, I think something also here is moving.

So.. stay tuned. Winking smile


New “Cube”: new post, new blog engine, new website version.

My new post on this new blog engine (after Microsoft decided to shutdown Live Spaces), is about a new version of my company website (also if we’re still in beta, that means we’re trying to do something in the spare time).

So, enjoy it!

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Firefox vs. IE: the web-development never-ending war..

But this time, maybe, we have a winner: the Developer.

Reading this post it really seems like the efforts in Microsoft and Mozilla to enhance their web browser, with the help of the community too, reached a very nice achievement: they, both, made a tool that can be helpful in the daily life of a web developer. The other browser? Uhm, maybe the same with some little lacks.

Check it out: link 

Translate instantly without a translator? Easy.. use Bing

That’s very cool.

Instead of opening a page with your translator, you can directly ask the Bing search engine to translate the words for you. This is very nice and useful feature that can speed up your surfing experience.

Look at this:


Check it out at the MS Translator official Team blog page.

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Gazelle.. the next IE??

Uhm.. to be honest I don’t think so, but I’d really like it..

But what is it Gazelle? It’s a new project, actually right now is a prototype, about a new way to construct a web browser. Honestly not all so new. I found some things in common with the basic ideas that steer the development of Chrome, and looking at the comment, I’m not the only one thinking like this.

So… Enjoy it.. on Channel 9

Photosynth released..

A quick note to remember myself, and maybe to share with someone else, that the Microsoft Live Labs just releasead PhotoSynth, a new technology that automatically reconstruct a three-dimensional space from a collection of photos of a place or an object.

So…. Enjoy it!  Photosynth


Software Methodologies..

Another little post to help me to remember, and share, some useful links.

This is about software methodologies and I found it nice.

SW Methodologies at a glance..


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Windows 7 is here..

Ok Ok.. It’s a joke.

Or better, now there is "only" the blog:

Engineering Windows 7

but better than nothing 😉


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Microsoft vs Sun: end of the war??


I can’t believe that.. I read and read again this article about three time.

Sun will be one of the next Windows Server’s OEM!!!! smile_omg

So will we ses Windows Server running on a Sparc Station or an UltraSpart Server??? Greattttt… Like an old article where you did see a Vista Ultimante runing on a MacBook.. eh eh


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Burn.. free and with source


Looking aorund for some 64 bit software for my pc, under the burning program category I found this: Infrarecord

This is a new FREE program with another feature: it’s open source. So if you’re curious about how a burn program works this is your occasion to understand it better. The source code it’s under Sourceforge


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