Ops, they did it again (NodeJS in Italy)

Who are “they”? They are the guys from <WEBdeBS> 

What did they do? They set-up the first Italian event about NodeJS, and not only to be honest, but this is another story… so coming back on track I want to talk about the italian NodeJS Conference in Brescia (saturday 24th September 2011).


Ah, ok! Really, cool! But wait… What is NodeJS? In few words, it’s event-driven I/O server-side JavaScript environment based on V8, the Google’s open source Javascript Engine used inside Google Chrome,  but I really don’t think I can introduce NodeJS better than the guys who made and who are running it, so please take a look at the official site: NodeJS

NodeJS, NoSQL, and so on… they are quite the hottest buzzwords at the moment, but with some good reasons behind, and the most important thing is that this was an event “for real”, so an open discussion about how people used, is using and will use these technologies and want to share their experiences with the audience. I liked it, in the same way I did the NoSQLDay some months ago, cause I like the hands-on, practical, direct presentations. Perhaps these presentations are not so sparkling,  shining or whatever like the ones that we’re becoming used to while attending the big technical events (technical? or media events? ), but I feel more comfortable trying to understand how the stuff is actually working “under the hood”, and if it can be useful for me.

So.. How was it? Nice and interesting also if I’m still only playing with NodeJS instead of actually working with it, this event was interesting and quite enlightening. All the sessions was held in English, by good speakers from quite all Europe, who shared their own experiences or projects. And this made me think: is the italian IT market so old-fashioned and so slow on adapting the new technologies? I, sadly, have to say yes. Sad smile

On the other side, thanks to a nice community, and guys like <WEBdeBS>’ crew, I think something also here is moving.

So.. stay tuned. Winking smile



My Windows Azure’s slides

So I did it…

After about 2 hours of talk I ended my, very long, presentation about Windows Azure Platform.

I just published the presentation on my slideshare’s account, and now I share it also here on my blog.

Enjoy it. Winking smile

Community Tour: Torino 2 The Revenge!

Next Tuesday, 10th May 2011, Torino Technologies Group & SysAdmin.it will hold the Torino’s event of the Microsoft and Community Tour 2011.

After the amazing previous event (related to the Microsoft and Community Tour 2010), that was also the first for us, we will have another occasion to meet each other and to discuss the new technologies in the Microsoft’s world.CloudPower

This time, I will talk a bit about the exciting new world of the Cloud Computing, introducing the Windows Azure Platform and how to develop your own application leveraging the Microsoft “Cloud power”.

So… see you in Turin, at Holiday Inn Turin – Corso Francia.

The event will be all in Italian (maybe also in piemontese Open-mouthed smile, our local language). For more information see also the Linkedin Event and to register simply click on the top left image or here.



Uhm… I was quite forgetting it. I have a blog. I have my own blog. D@#n it! Where is it?

Ok I’m kidding. I was actually quite busy, with personal stuff and not only, but I’ll try to write a little bit more it in the future (don’t take it as a promise, but more as a wish Winking smile ).

Despite my laziness, I was attending quite a lot of events and courses, online and on site, and to be honest the last of this list (in strictly time order) was one of the best: I’m talking about the NoSQLDay.

I really like when I can find someone/something that help me to complete change my point of view: it’s really helping me to do something like to reset my mind and start over, and this is why I liked the meeting and the chat with some nice people there.

I already used some NoSql solutions on my projects, but now I think I have also some more info to help me choice better. Winking smile

Test Driven Development with VS2010

Yesterday I had the pleasure to take part in another Torino Technologies Group’s event, and I talked about “Test Driven Development with Visual Studio 2010”.

I think it was a good event with quite a lot of people, it was also the first “half day” event that we managed and I’m quite sure that we will manage some other meetings soon. Winking smile

So stay tuned! And in the meantime, if you don’t know how to kill your spare time, you could take a look at my presentation.

My Asp.Net MVC’s presentation slides

Yesterday I introduced, or at least I tried to, the Asp.Net MVC to my local community: Torino Technologies Group.

Actually yesterday wasn’t a simply introduction to Asp.Net MVC, but an introductory speech to warm up the community for the following open session: Asp.Net vs Asp.Net MVC, which one could fit better for my applications?

I really hope we will be able to continue this speech next time, cause I feel like we didn’t finish it. Winking smile

A clear picture of the actual situation in Italy…


I don’t know if they did it on purpose. In any case at the picture on the left you can see what I was reading at the home page of one of the biggest Italian newspaper.

This stack of news is really the best summary of my homeland situation now: on a side the cost of life for the normal people is becoming higher, with no particular reason (the fuel price is growing while the oil cost is going down, the service price is becoming every day more expensive despite the fact that the service level is always the same, quite crappy, or going worse) and on the other side the politicians are only concerned about their own problems, talking and talking, arguing with each other without taking care about anything outside the “Palace”.

No comment… Sad smile

Finally.. MonoDroid Open Preview!!!

The Mono guys finally decided to open up the MonoDroid preview to all the people.

MonoDroid, or Mono for Android, aims to bring the Mono VM to Android, the Google’s Mobile Platform.

I really think this is a nice move, so finally all the developer can try to use C# on Android (instead of Java 😉 ).

This is the official post: Mono for Android, and here the installation guide: installation.

Enjoy it! Winking smile

Just published my EF4’s presentation slides

I just published the presentation that I used at the Turin event of Microsoft & Community Tour (Turin, 9th December 2010).

Community Tour 2010: Torino!!!

Tomorrow, 9th December, in collaboration with Torino Technologies Group, we will hold the Torino’s event of the Microsoft & Community Tour at Holiday Inn Turin – Corso Francia

I will present the ADO.Net Entity Framework session, and I really hope to meet a lot of people there.

So.. see you there.