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Impossible is nothing..

A man can fly..

Yes.. but only if the man is Kobe Bryant!!

.. and if he has to jump over a pool of snakes!! Totally crazy!!


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Photosynth released..

A quick note to remember myself, and maybe to share with someone else, that the Microsoft Live Labs just releasead PhotoSynth, a new technology that automatically reconstruct a three-dimensional space from a collection of photos of a place or an object.

So…. Enjoy it!  Photosynth


Software Methodologies..

Another little post to help me to remember, and share, some useful links.

This is about software methodologies and I found it nice.

SW Methodologies at a glance..


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Learning resources.. a personal update

I need to stick these link cause now I don’t have enough spare time to see them.

And maybe this post can be useful for other people:

Microsoft Sync Framework 101 Samples 

.Net 3.5 Framework SP1 and training kit


Windows 7 is here..

Ok Ok.. It’s a joke.

Or better, now there is "only" the blog:

Engineering Windows 7

but better than nothing 😉


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Microsoft Surface & Sheraton Hotels

After the AT&T shops, another nice use of the Surface technology on the Sheraton Hotels


So cool… I’d like to have one at my home 😀 😀


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Free energy monitor app from Microsoft and Verdiem

From the Microsoft Environment site we can download a new free app (called Edison Pc Power) that allow us to control our PC’s energy consumption.

It’s a very nice little app that comes from Microsoft and Verdiem that are both member of the Climate Savers Computing Initiative.

In this article there are some more info about this campaign.

Download Edison Pc Power (free) now.