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Uhm… I was quite forgetting it. I have a blog. I have my own blog. D@#n it! Where is it?

Ok I’m kidding. I was actually quite busy, with personal stuff and not only, but I’ll try to write a little bit more it in the future (don’t take it as a promise, but more as a wish Winking smile ).

Despite my laziness, I was attending quite a lot of events and courses, online and on site, and to be honest the last of this list (in strictly time order) was one of the best: I’m talking about the NoSQLDay.

I really like when I can find someone/something that help me to complete change my point of view: it’s really helping me to do something like to reset my mind and start over, and this is why I liked the meeting and the chat with some nice people there.

I already used some NoSql solutions on my projects, but now I think I have also some more info to help me choice better. Winking smile