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ASP.Net 3.5 Ajax Portal – Open source

I think this is a very nice example of an open source project that can help to better understand the features that come with the new Asp.Net and the new 3.5 Framework.

On this blog, the author, explain better all the project.

So.. check it out. 😉

Asp.Net 3.5 Open source portal


Remembering Torino..

Not a "homesickness" post.. but sometimes is nice to remember where I come from (less or more :D)..


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Gates vs Jobs.. the game!!

Some funny stuff:


Enjoy it! 😉 🙂


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iPhone 3G: Too funny not to share..


I’m still laughing 😀

A different point of view about the new cool iPhone3G





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Working @ Microsoft..


Not only code, not only schemas, design, meetings and so on.

There are also a lot of good stuff… Like the Friday beer!! I love it!! 😀 😀|_017.jpg

PS: don’t worry. After this, most of us come back home and we don’t produce any other bugs ..ops.. code. 😀

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Never give in..


I think it’s good to draw on the behavior of this rider..


PS: in this case is more funny than serious 😉 😀

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Asp.Net 3.5 free book examples

Microsoft Digital Life…


I really like this video (and the music)

Microsoft Digital Life Compliation 2007

.. and was also a good occasion to try to embed a MSN video on my blog 😉

Video: Microsoft Digital Life Compliation 2007