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My Windows Azure’s slides

So I did it…

After about 2 hours of talk I ended my, very long, presentation about Windows Azure Platform.

I just published the presentation on my slideshare’s account, and now I share it also here on my blog.

Enjoy it. Winking smile

Community Tour: Torino 2 The Revenge!

Next Tuesday, 10th May 2011, Torino Technologies Group & will hold the Torino’s event of the Microsoft and Community Tour 2011.

After the amazing previous event (related to the Microsoft and Community Tour 2010), that was also the first for us, we will have another occasion to meet each other and to discuss the new technologies in the Microsoft’s world.CloudPower

This time, I will talk a bit about the exciting new world of the Cloud Computing, introducing the Windows Azure Platform and how to develop your own application leveraging the Microsoft “Cloud power”.

So… see you in Turin, at Holiday Inn Turin – Corso Francia.

The event will be all in Italian (maybe also in piemontese Open-mouthed smile, our local language). For more information see also the Linkedin Event and to register simply click on the top left image or here.

My Asp.Net MVC’s presentation slides

Yesterday I introduced, or at least I tried to, the Asp.Net MVC to my local community: Torino Technologies Group.

Actually yesterday wasn’t a simply introduction to Asp.Net MVC, but an introductory speech to warm up the community for the following open session: Asp.Net vs Asp.Net MVC, which one could fit better for my applications?

I really hope we will be able to continue this speech next time, cause I feel like we didn’t finish it. Winking smile

Uhmm.. Now it’s official

I knew it very well, that was my former team, but now it’s official also for all the partner and not.

Microsoft Dynamics Mobile has been discontinued

So.. no comment, it’s  better!

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Ok.. some back-up post

Something is changing in my life.. at work and not only.

So.. better to back up some nice and useful post until I can still access my (former) blog on MSDN.

First: one of the best collection of resources to study and improve my awareness about all the .Net and Visual Studio world: Visual Studio and .Net resources 

Then I want to keep a link to one interesting project inside Microsoft Research, related to develop and test: PEX, automated whitebox testing download

And last but not least… Architect Center

I’m a PC..

Another very nice video (commercial) from Microsoft.. I’m a PC


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Working @ Microsoft..


Not only code, not only schemas, design, meetings and so on.

There are also a lot of good stuff… Like the Friday beer!! I love it!! 😀 😀|_017.jpg

PS: don’t worry. After this, most of us come back home and we don’t produce any other bugs ..ops.. code. 😀

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