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Finally.. MonoDroid Open Preview!!!

The Mono guys finally decided to open up the MonoDroid preview to all the people.

MonoDroid, or Mono for Android, aims to bring the Mono VM to Android, the Google’s Mobile Platform.

I really think this is a nice move, so finally all the developer can try to use C# on Android (instead of Java 😉 ).

This is the official post: Mono for Android, and here the installation guide: installation.

Enjoy it! Winking smile

P & P Windows Phone 7 Developer Guide

A little post to help me to save this important link: the home page of the Developer Guide community site for the upcoming Windows Phone 7 from the Patterns & Practices guys.

Windows Phone guide on Codeplex


Microsoft goes Mobile Socialize

I recently downloaded a couple of cool new socializing application for my Windows Mobile phone from Microsoft:


Facebook App for Win Mobile

And I found them very nice.. Try them. 😉

iPhone 3G: Too funny not to share..


I’m still laughing 😀

A different point of view about the new cool iPhone3G





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Microsoft Digital Life…


I really like this video (and the music)

Microsoft Digital Life Compliation 2007

.. and was also a good occasion to try to embed a MSN video on my blog 😉

Video: Microsoft Digital Life Compliation 2007

It’s alive!!

It’s alive… my PDA is now ON again!!

I don’t know why..  I simply do the same things that I done before.. but this time they worked better and all things goes well. My old Qtek 2020 it’s alive, installed the old BIOS again so I can came back to develop/try something on my mobile.

Ok.. I know.. It will be ok for so few time

The only thing that I don’t like is that I can’t use on it the Mobile Client Software Factory that I wanted to test.